Charity Partner

The RACE FOR WATER Foundation is a Charity dedicated to Water Preservation. Today, this vital resource is in serious danger. It has to be protected. To learn, share and act on our Water Footprint and Marine Plastic Pollution are the main issues the Foundation focuses on.

LEARN: Educate and raise public awareness
SHARE: Work together to make a difference
ACT: Implement practical solutions

The RACE FOR WATER Foundation has specifically developed a program based around three pillars:

AWARENESS Raise understanding among general public and key opinion leaders about the urgency of water preservation through the “Water Guardian” program, exhibitions, our traveling Water pavilion and our ambassador boat: the MOD70.

BUSINESS Engage businesses and scientists, develop the understanding of the impacts and propose tools for action in collaboration with the WWF and WBCSD.

EDUCATION Inspire the next generation to act to preserve our water resources and engage them to make a difference with the help of the super hero ‘Titeuf’. The aim is to include the program in the school curriculum.

SCIENCE Develop a better knowledge base and understanding of the impacts of plastics on the maritime environment, measure the real rate of waste dispersal and create a research center on plastic pollution in collaboration with governmental institutions.


Together we will preserve water, the most precious resource on the planet.


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