Pro-Am Concept

The ‘Pro-Am’ concept enables sponsors and owners, who are passionate about sailing and lovers of adventure, to enjoy this exceptional oceanic multihull, the MOD70: one-design, reliable, efficient and optimized by the best sailors in the world.

It was a major development of the MOD70 class, which will allow every owner to sail on equal terms and to choose a personalized program with the possibility of joining multi-class events and having a dedicated MOD70 Class, depending on the number of competitors.

In the steps of the pro-am concept, Multi One Design S.A. offers a broad range of a-la-carte services, offering to the boatowner the possibility to buy a boat ready-to-sail and to benefit from MOD S.A. expertise for any kind of service (winter storage, fitting out, crew selection, maintenance, equipment, repair). If the boat-owner wish to, MOD can fully manage the maintenance and the crew of the boat.

Multi One Championship