FONCIA goes back to multihull racing…

“In any kind of sport, there is the ultimate. In sailing, the ultimate is multihull sailing. The multihulls are spectacular, exciting and fast boats. I hope that many international teams will decide to come and sail these fabulous boats.” Michel Desjoyeaux has made his mind; he will be part of the Multi One Design 70' international circuit!

“Welcome to FONCIA and to Michel Desjoyeaux!” says Marco Simeoni, President of Multi One Design S.A. He is delighted to welcome within this new championship, a committed sponsor, FONCIA, supporting an exceptional sailor: “FONCIA and Michel Desjoyeaux involvement in the Multi One Design 70' circuit confirms the revival of the oceanic multihull racing at the highest level. Michel Desjoyeaux is the most awarded solo sailor and team FONCIA is one of the best oceanic teams in the world. 12 teams will be competing in the 2010-2020 Multi One Championship, on one-design 70-foot multihulls: a competition based on equal chances with an eco-responsible dimension and a philosophy, called the “Multi One Attitude”, which will focus on the defense of the Water. Michel Desjoyeaux and FONCIA confirm the growing interest for this new international class. See you in May 2012 with the European Tour! »

Michel Desjoyeaux: “In 2006, when I left multihull racing for the Vendée Globe, I had the intention to come back to it afterwards… and then the Orma class disappeared. Today, the situation has changed with the new start of the MOD 70. These one-design boats will be more simple, more robust, more oriented towards ocean racing and more accessible to teams with less experience. With FONCIA, we are the first team which has committed for 2011. The first 5 boats will be delivered at the end of 2011 and there should be 12 teams on board by 2012. I am looking forward to these exciting competitions! »

Yves Gevin, President of the FONCIA Group Directory: “For the 10th anniversary of FONCIA’s sailing sponsoring, Michel has granted us with an exceptional year, giving us a number of splendid victories. He has showed his great fighting spirit and desire and he has never given up. So, how to go further? By being daring and pionnering: the MOD 70 circuit enables us to go back to the origin of our history with the trimarans while participating in a great and innovative adventure.»

Reminder of the Multi One Championship program:
Autumn 2011: Delivery of the first 4 MOD 70
November 2011:
Pro-Am - Promotional race bringing together skippers and guests (press and public relations operations).
May-July 2012:
European Tour - MOD 70 crew races (objective: 7 crews)
November 2012:
Oceanic crew races (MOD 70)
May-July 2013:
European Tour - MOD 70 crew races
Nov 2013-Apr 2014:
Ocean World Tour – MOD 70 crew races (5 oceans, 8 stop-overs, objective: 12 boats)

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