4 months to the start of the KRYS OCEAN RACE!

Entrainements Spindrift racing et Foncia 15.03.12
On the 7th of July 2012 the starting gun will be given for the brand new Multi One Championship, kicking off with the KRYS OCEAN RACE. The eastbound race will see the teams across the North Atlantic with the prevailing winds and on equal terms. Meanwhile each competing team is getting the measure of their 70-feet one-design multihull in their own unique way. Review of the different programmes...

Skipper: Stève Ravussin

- Exit from winter refit: Tuesday 6 March 2012
(new paintwork for the hull, checks and general maintenance of all the deck hardware, mechanics and hydraulics)

- Upcoming programme: 

On-the-water training around the bay of Lorient

Participation in several races: Tour de Belle Ile, ArMen Race, Douarnenez Grand Prix, Record SNSM

MOD70 No.02

Marco Simeoni, president of MOD Ltd.: “Our aim is that the MOD70 No.02 will be at the start of the KRYS OCEAN RACE next July. The boat is ready to go. As such we’re working on various options in France and overseas so that the MOD70 No.02, which won the last Fastnet Race and finished second in the Krys Match, be on the start line in New York.”


Skipper: Michel Desjoyeaux

- Exit from the winter refit: 3 February 2012
(painting, check-up and general maintenance)

- Upcoming programme :
Training sessions with Spindrift Racing around the bay of Quiberon or around the bay of Port-La Forêt
Participation in the pre-season races: Tour de Belle Ile, Douarnenez Grand Prix, ArMen Race, Record SNSM


Skipper: Sébastien Josse

- Return from winter training in Agadir on Wednesday 29 February 2012

- Upcoming programme:

Training up to the end of March in the bay of Lorient area

Survival course and medical course
Time in the yard in April (thorough checks: rig, mechanics, deck hardware)

Participation in the pre-season races: Douarnenez Grand Prix, ArMen Race.


Skipper: Yann Guichard

- Launch on 27 January 2012

- Upcoming programme:
Training sessions with Foncia around the bay of Quiberon or around the bay of Port-La Forêt
Participation in the pre-season races: Tour de Belle Ile, ArMen Race


Skipper: Sidney Gavignet

- Switch from the Keroman Technologies yard to the Océan Développement yard: Tuesday 6 March

- Scheduled launch on 12 April 2012

- Upcoming programme :
Early April: time on the water aboard the MOD70 Race for Water so as train up the  crew of OMAN SAIL.


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