TBS sign as a brand partner with the MOD70 circuit and the Multi One Attitude Foundation.

Multi One Design SA, promoter of the MOD70 circuit, along with the Multi One Attitude Foundation and TBS all share great pleasure in unveiling their exciting new eco-friendly and ethically committed partnership which has been signed to span the next two years from 2012-2014. Leading clothing and footwear brand TBS have signed an agreement, which will see them develop and distribute three eco designed exclusive themed collections.

Three ‘responsible’ collections

The TBS for MULTI ONE CHAMPIONSHIP collection will equip the organization and will encompass a line of products dedicated to the various events on the circuit comprising KRYS OCEAN RACE, the MOD70 European Tour and the Ocean World Tour.These clothes will be also be sold in keynote positions in the race villages at Multi One Championship events and via the website www.multionedesign.com.

The TBS for RACE FOR WATER by the Multi One Attitude Foundation collection will be distributed on the racing circuit, but also particulary in dedicated areas within TBS stores through its sales network and on the Foundation's website : www.multioneattitude.com.
Profits from the sale of this collection will be used to develop outreach initiatives, education and act on two main aims of the Foundation, namely preservation of the ocean by countering plastics pollution, and freshwater preservation by optimising water resources management.

And the Lifestyle collection, directly drawn from these two collections, will also be designed and delivered by TBS.

The Living Sea: a philosophy applied to products today.

For over 30 years, the core values that have underpinned the TBS brand have remained the same: to maintain a high level of quality, performance and technical specification, all embodied by original designs. All TBS footwear and apparel collections are researched, designed and developed in line with these fundamental values. The brand will complement the Foundation’s work and image seeking to develop products and production methods that are more sustainable and further enhance their commitments to ethical and environmental values. With the three collections, TBS is committed to working in eco-friendly, creative and innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact.
Through this approach, TBS wants to highlight more than ever it’s affinity for the Ocean and sailing world.The strap line "Living Sea", now takes on an even more relevant meaning.

More than branded product lines, an eco friendly collaboration

Eric Lairet, Director General of the brand TBS : "It's an incredibly natural alliance! For over 30 years the history of TBS has been written around the nautical world. We have also been fortunate to be joined by the most renowned skippers ... And even today! TBS’ endorsement continues with Michel Desjoyeaux.
More than signature "products", this partnership demonstrates our willingness to take on, across our operations, the major environmental challenges that are ocean conservation and the fight to reduce water footprint
We know that we can all make more efforts in this area! TBS is committed through the creation of eco-designed lines.
Our absolute dream for the future? To become a recognised ‘blue’ brand."

Anne-Cecile Turner, Director of the Multi One Attitude Foundation
: “The Multi One Attitude Foundation , that uses sailing to bring people together to protect water, is an ideal partner for TBS. The brand will build on the Foundation’s work and image to develop products and production methods that are environmentally sustainable. The profits from the sale of the collection RACE FOR WATER will be used to develop initiatives, education and action around two major water challenges: ocean plastic pollution and water footprint reduction.”

Franck David, Executive Director of Multi One Design:
"We are very proud to join the Multi One Championship with TBS whose history is so strongly linked to sailing. Pioneers in many fields, TBS has always led the way for 30 years, partnering with so many renowned sailors. To have at our side, a dynamic brand that is focused on international development and who understands and shares our values, means that we can only go forward together! "

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