The KRYS OCEAN RACE: Preparing to share a great new sporting adventure

Les forces en présence 10.05.12
From New York City on July 7th 2012 at 1100hrs local time a total of thirty crew on board the five MOD70’s Race for Water, Foncia, Groupe Edmond de Rothschild, Spindrift racing and Oman Sail set out on sailing’s big new adventure. Leaving from the foot of the iconic Statue of Liberty the teams take on the KRYS OCEAN RACE, 2950 miles across the Atlantic in the brand new fleet of evenly matched one design MOD70 trimarans. The race pitches some of ocean racing’s best known, most successful characters against each other on a no holds barred sprint, pushed by the prevailing winds, which should see the top teams span the Atlantic from New York to finish in Brest, in the heart of the Tonnerres de Brest maritime festival, in only six or seven days. The KRYS OCEAN RACE aims to chart a new era for the sport of ocean racing: fast, exciting evenly matched competition which can be shared with the media and the public at large.

The line up is revealed in Paris

Paris, Wednesday May 10th and the KRYS OCEAN RACE skippers Steve Ravussin (Race For Water), Michel Desjoyeaux (Foncia), Sebastien Josse (Groupe Edmond de Rothschild), Yann Guichard (Spindrift racing) and Sidney Gavignet (Oman Sail) today presented their crews at the official race launch where honoured guests included Marco Simeoni, who is President of Multi One Design, Joel Platt, Brand Director at KRYS and Patrick Appéré the Deputy Mayor of the City of Brest with responsibility for sports.

Over recent months the MOD70 crews have been immersed in the preparation process, not just of their machines but of their own crews. For in this intense one design ocean race, talent and teamwork will be tested to the fullest.

The skipper is the lynchpin, the conductor charged with making the team work and now the skippers have revealed their line up, their crews of six who will take to the start line on July 7th.

Among the 30 sailors, the aim will be the same, to take the top step of the podium in Brest as winners of the inaugrual KRYS OCEAN RACE. Among those selected are Jeremie Beyou, Sébastien Col, Pascal Bidégorry, Jean-Baptiste Levaillant, Antoine Koch, Thomas Rouxel, Yvan Ravussin, Jeff Cuzon and Britain’s record breaking Brian Thompson, hand picked by skippers Steve Ravussin, Michel Desjoyeaux, Sebastien Josse, Yann Guichard and Sidney Gavignet for this first race of the Multi One Championship.

Team line ups:
Race For Water: Steve Ravussin (SUI) - Yvan Ravussin (SUI) - Loic Forestier (SUI) - Francois Morvan (FRA) - Benoit Lequin (FRA) + one invited sailor

Foncia: Michel Desjoyeaux (FRA) - Xavier Revil (FRA) - Emmanuel Le Borgne (FRA) - Antoine Carraz (FRA) - Beyou (FRA) - Sebastien Col (FRA).

Edmond de Rothschild Group: Sebastien Josse (FRA) - Antoine Koch (FRA) - Espagnon Christophe (FRA) - David Boileau (FRA) - Florent Chastel (FRA) - Thomas Rouxel (FRA)

Spindrift racing: Yann Guichard (FRA) - Jacques Guichard (FRA) - Billy Besson (FRA) - Pascal Bidégorry (FRA) - Jean-Baptiste Levaillant (FRA) - Leo Lucet (FRA)

Oman Sail: Sidney Gavignet (FRA) - Loik Galon (FRA) - Jean-Francois Cuzon (FRA) - Brian Thompson (GBR) - Fahad Al Hasni (Oman) and / or Al Khamis Anbouri (Oman) and / or Mohsin Al Busaidi (Oman)

Other than the outstanding high level of competition, the KRYS OCEAN RACE forges into new waters as the very first transocean race to be sailed in equally matched one design cutting edge multihulls. Over the 2950 miles of the course from New York to Brest the high pace will be continuous and intense. In essence it will be contested at sprint rather than marathon speeds, hence the way the crew manage themselves will be absolutely vital.

Race director Jacques Caraës explains: "As long as the usual high pressure system is in place, as it usually is in July, the fleet of MOD70’s should write a new chapter in ocean racing history and for sport in general thanks to the incredible pace and the intensity of the racing.”

Media at the heart of KRYS OCEAN RACE

It promises to be an exciting, engaging story. To share it with the greatest number of people is at the heart of the Multi One Championship ethos. Multi One Design are already unfolding a media plan which which is set to draw a large French and international global audience. Already key agreements have been reached including Eurosport International, Sport RMC, BFM TV, and M6.

RMC have embraced the world of sailing as media partners of the KRYS OCEAN RACE with highlights on RMC Daily Sport between 1800hrs and 2000hrs when journalists focus on the day’s main sports stories. A live one hour programme is planned on RMC between 1800hrs and 1900hrs, streamed in real time on the official website: A short highlights summary will be broadcast daily from 6th to 15th July with regular updates through the day on BFM TV.

On 18th July Eurosport International will broadcast a 26 minute round up of the KRYS OCEAN RACE as a whole with distribution over all territories.
Overall TV distribution should reach over 200 countries with a potential reach of 350 million viewers.

Paris Match will be on the inside of the adventure with a multiple page feature to be released on June 28th in the world renowned magazine.

Complementing this activity and until it starts follow the KRYS OCEAN RACE through the official website and on Facebook and Twitter.


Joel Plat, Brand Driector at KRYS: "We are proud and happy to link the KRYS brand, and all of our 850 optician outlets, with this exciting human and sporting adventure that is the KRYS OCEAN RACE. New York at the start and the Tonnerres de Brest at the finish: two different worlds but they share a common bond. Then add thirty sailors who constitute the very cream of racing, enhancing our brand with all the drama and emotions, all this is already guaranteed for the first edition! Like these sailing teams, our teams at KRYS share the desire to exceed expectations, to provide complete customer satisfaction. We embrace and have such a strong belief in the strength and the values of teamwork. And so 300 of our opticians will come to New York to support the crews and they too will relay later this fabulous race through our network. Fair winds for the KRYS OCEAN RACE and thank you for the emotions that you let us share."

Patrick Appéré, Deputy Mayor of the City of Brest with responsibility for sport:
"Brest is delighted and proud to welcome these stars of the sea who will take on the New York / Brest KRYS OCEAN RACE! The first finishes will be big and popular since they will form such an important part of the Tonneres de Brest, our greatest maritime festival, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.”
“In Brest, we tend to say that the city is the "sea par excellence." But what is certain is that we love the great seagoing performances. Last January, more than 6,000 people turned out to honor Loick Peyron and his crew, new holders of the Jules Verne Trophy ... this time we think there will be several hundred thousands to honour the achievement of the skippers and admire the MOD70’s docked at La Perouse, I am sure of that. Just as I am of the partnership with the organisers of the KRYS OCEAN RACE which will continue beyond 2012. See you in July for 2012 Tonneres de Brest . Long live the KRYS OCEAN RACE! "

Marco Simeoni, President of Multi One Design: "After three years in the planning and building, the Multi One Championship will actually begin for real on July 7 and is a great moment for all those who have invested in this exciting new international circuit! The crews - Race For Water, Foncia, Groupe Edmond de Rothschild, Spindrift Racing and Oman Sail are prepared and poised, KRYS opticians are mobilised on our side, just as the City of Brest is ready to welcome our fleet of MOD70’s to the Tonneres de Brest. The scene is well and truly set, it only needs to start and for the fleet of trimarans to race this intense sprint contest on the Atlantic."

Steve Ravussin, skipper of the MOD70 Race For Water: "Crossing the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Brest on board Race for Water, and being Ambassador of the Multi One Attitude Foundation, for us has a very special meaning. In addition to the competition on the KRYS OCEAN RACE, we are looking to educate the public about preserving the ocean against plastic pollution. My brother Yvan will be part of the crew and that’ll be great! "

Michel Desjoyeaux, skipper of the MOD70 Foncia: "Building a crew of six feels like an impossible mission. You need people who steer, who trim the sails, people who are good on weather and strategy, people who love light winds, others prefer the breeze, in other words, its like trying to fit a circle in a square, to be good at everything, and more! And on top of those simple difficulties us six need to be happy to live and work together in 10 square meters, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Le Borgne and Xavier Revil, and I have known each other and we have collaborated since 2003, so that is straightforward. Beyou, has two Vendée Globe preparations and is used to working at higher speeds and has good strategy for downwind sailing. Antoine Carraz, is responsible for the boat and will be looking after all aspects as well as sailing.. Sebastien Col joins us this year and brings a rigor and an eye from America's Cup and Match Racing world. With this team, Foncia is, I think, well armed for this KRYS OCEAN RACE, and we look forward to it."

Sebastien Josse, skipper of the MOD70 Groupe Edmond de Rothschild: "In addition to experience, there are concepts of flexibility, commitment and pleasure that influenced the formation of our Groupe Edmond de Rothschild crew. The different race formats proposed by the Multi One Championship demands a balance between specialists and offshore racers some accustomed to shorter routes like City Races. So our crew is mixture of sailing’s different worlds. For the KRYS OCEAN RACE which is Offshore Racing, we will have to be independent at sea, which is why we favored technical sailors of the likes of Florent Chastel, the bowman on board but also a rigger, or like David Boileau, who is one of our permanent members of the technical team. I also rely on very good helmsmen, whose quality will be a real bonus in this one design class. Christophe Espagnon, Thomas Rouxel, Antoine Koch represent three different backgrounds (Olympic sailing, Extreme 40, Figaro, 60 feet Orma ...). Finally Antoine provides weather expertise as navigator. But even if each have their specialist field, the group is nonetheless even and interchangeable on board everyone is working for the team, egos and agendas are put aside. This is essential!"

Yann Guichard, skipper of the MOD70 Spindrift racing: "Spindrift is a young company dedicated to multihulls which aims to support and encourage projects in international competitive sailing. Our flagship is the MOD70 No. 05 Spindrift Racing. I am the skipper and have selected my crew with great care for this adventure. The result is a mix of experience, maturity, youth and passion. Pascal Bidégorry leaves nothing behind to make the finish line. His tenacity and his talents are assets that I really wanted for Spindrift Racing. Jean Baptiste Levaillant is certainly the one of the most experienced in racing. A trimmer and exceptional helmsman, he is meticulous, talented and versatile. Jacques, my younger brother, is a sought after and valued team member within a team, both for his skills as trimmer and for his adaptability to all positions. Leo Lucet is my right hand man at Spindrift MOD70 and is responsible for the project. He is effectively Executive Director for the company, but also the same aboard a trimaran, with considerable experience in offshore racing. It was only natural for me to ensure Leo is on the sailing team as a helm and bowman. Agile and brave, he is not afraid to work the bow. As for Billy Besson he is an excellent helmsman and fiery competitor, qualities of a seasoned sailor and his tenacity is typical of what I have on my crew. He is dynamic and intuitive, I have also asked him to be responsible for the media crew position "

Sidney Gavignet, skipper of Oman Sail MOD70: "Oman Sail is not just a sponsor, it is a national project designed to project Oman as a tourist destination and create jobs around sailing. For us non-Omanis, our role is not only to look after and drive the boat but to promote an element of learning and education too. The personalities of the teammates are even more important. Jean-Francois Cuzon and Brian Thompson are the perfect example. Both very experienced offshore racing multihulls and they are also very quiet but they fully participate in the importance of sharing and passing on their knowledge. Loik Gallon has known Oman Sail for many years as he was the skipper of the trimaran around the world, sailing on board already with Mohsin Al Busaidi, the first Omani sailor to do a world tour non-stop. Mohsin will be at the helm on the KRYS OCEAN RACE. Khamis Al Ambouri is also one of the renowned Oman Sail sailors who has now the championship of the Extreme 40. With us he discovers the world of offshore racing. As for Fahad Al Hasni, the youngest, he is the product of Oman Sail, primarily on the Tour de France de Voile, he is always strong and focused! For this KRYS OCEAN RACE, I'm surrounded by a very well balanced and fit crew. Fun and smiles are the watchwords of our campaign ... "

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