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Virtual Game 22.06.12

Would you like to go ocean racing from the safety of dry land? To compete against some of the world’s best skippers of the MOD70 circuit, to battle on equal terms against them, and against the elements? An exciting collaboration between Multi One Design SA, the company which manages the Multi One Championship and Be Tomorrow, leading specialists in developing web, mobile and TV applications, now means that internet users will be able to indulge and share their passion through the innovative new adrenalin pumping speed sprints of the MOD70 Speed Match game, or the more strategic test of the VIRTUAL KRYS OCEAN RACE game.

Make your choices. Go for it!

Gamers or sailing fans should take note of the following dates:

From 13th June to 7th July, test your abilities on the MOD70 SPEED MATCH game.  Get right to the heart on the waters off New York with the superbly realistic Manhattan skyline looming as a backdrop, as you take to your weapon of choice, a MOD70 to duel with your chosen skipper, Steve Ravussin, Michel Desjoyeaux, Sebastien Josse, Yann Guichard or Sidney Gavignet. Anything can happen over the three minute, head to head sprints. Try and beat their score!

And on July 7th it is time to stock up and put on your virtual foul weather gear because at 11:00 CET you san set out to race the North Atlantic on equal terms with an entire active community of players. Get into full race mode using real time weather, actual positions of the race skippers as you race from New York to Brest. You choose the strategy and build a hand to trump the choices of the racing crews on the actual KRYS OCEAN RACE game. And the winner will make the rare, money can’t buy, transition from virtual to reality, getting the chance to sail on board a MOD70 during the European Tour in September. Over to you!

The games will be available on the official website of the KRYS OCEAN RACE: www.krys-oceanrace.com

The KRYS OCEAN RACE, where and when you want!

Stay connected at all times with the mobile application of the KRYS OCEAN RACE also developed in collaboration with BeTomorrow. Follow live boat positions through the live tracking. Find relevant audio, real-time news, photos, videos ... Experience the race from anywhere!

The official KRYS OCEAN RACE mobile application is available from the Apple Store or Google Play for smartphones and tablets.

To download the KRYS OCEAN RACE application, visit your mobile app store from the end of June!

About BeTomorrow
Founded in 2002, BeTomorrow is a company specialising in the creation and development of innovative applications for web, mobile and TV in 3 main areas:

-  Digital Sports: to provide sporting events the full multimedia range of services, the retransmission for 3D TV, gaming and animation for social networks. BeTomorrow has especially created a complete sailing range around with www.live-sailing.com and www.liveskipper.com

- Digital Agency: which helps companies to implement their web and mobile strategies, from initial consultation to technology implementation and the provision of services. The latest mobile technologies are available on all viewers: augmented reality, NFC, Windows 8...

- Games: specialises in developing and enhancing communities on mobile networks It also includes cross-platform games, mobile web and Facebook. Try http://apps.facebook.com/rocket-bird/

Learn more: www.betomorrow.com
Contact: presse@betomorrow.com


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