THE KRYS OCEAN RACE, Sets sails in one month’s time from the Big Apple to the heart the Tonnerres de Brest maritime festival.


One month from today, in New York on July 7th, the inaugural KRYS OCEAN RACE for the MOD70 fleet will answer the start gun for what promises to be a fast and furious Transatlantic passage to Brest, where the first MOD70’s should arrive into the heart of the Tonnerres de Brest historic maritime festival between the 13th and 14th July. On all fronts preparations are stepping up a gear. In Brest the 20th anniversary of the Tonneres de Brest maritime festival will welcome the finish of the KRYS OCEAN RACE as some of its highlight moments.

Brest is used to being centre stage in offshore racing and big challenges on the oceans. A stepping off and arrival point for record breakers for many years, Brest will this time see the finish of this historic, exciting new race – the first trans-ocean race for identically matched, one design grand prix multihulls.

And these Formula 1 ocean racers will arrive – almost incongruously – right into the middle of some of the most beautiful vessels of all shapes, sizes and purposes.

In Brest, which assumes a role as European Capital of the sea and marine activities, navies from all over the world will gather from July 13th to 19th with more than 1,000 boats and 5,000 sailors. Probably the largest will be the Russian ice-breaker St Petersbourg, but the giant armada comprises traditional boats from invited countries, national ships, working boats, racing boats.

Among them all the MOD70’s will represent a completely new generation, set to shrink the world’s oceans with their exceptional performance.  But each craft has a place in the Tonnerres de Brest programme where there really will be something for everyone including night parades, sail pasts, racing, raids and rallies.

Moored by the castle the MOD70’s will have pride of place in the festival. The KRYS OCEAN RACE fleet will take part in the grand parade on July 15th and the closing parade on July 19th. But one of the highlights will undoubtedly be the Brest City Race on Monday 16th July at 10:00 when the MOD70’s will unleash their cut and thrust, high-speed spectacle right in front of the crowds of spectators.

A huge programme!

Having run from 1992 - 2012, the Tonneres de Brest  celebrate their 20th anniversary! It is a truly unique event with a great programme!

The schedule of events promises to be truly magical for the 800,000 visitors expected to attend. There are themed villages and events, shows and concerts, not to mention the four parades that light up the night in Brest harbour, just as the fireworks will on July 14th and 18th!

Four spaces are dedicated to the public within the KRYS OCEAN RACE village

Within this huge area, which spans 8.5 km of Brest’s quays, the KRYS OCEAN RACE have a purpose built event village by the Castle Marina.

Our KRYS OCEAN RACE title sponsor Krys welcome visitors for a programme combination of public entertainment and the presentation of a unique line of Krys Ocean Race."eyewear products".

Under the flag of Oman Sail which supports the MOD70 skippered by Sidney Gavignet the Omani culture will be introduced and different regions of the Sultanate of Oman, including the fabulous and renowned province of Musandam.

The Multi One Attitude Foundation Pavilion will take you on a voyage to discover water. Water is vital in all countries and in all cultures. It is contained in products we consume every day. Water sustains life but increasingly it is being degraded. Come get to know water and protect the future of water but while having fun! Within this space which is full of interactive animations, you can learn how to calculate your water footprint, test your knowledge, see special screenings of highly acclaimed short films meet with the ambassadors of the Foundation (Steve Ravussin, Anne Richard, Titeuf), and commit to the cause for water. There are so many different activities for visitors of all ages and interests, especially children: contests, quizzes, stories, raffles, entertainment, photos, and other activities.

The big public space will welcome you every evening between 18:00 and 19:00 to listen to the live radio show hosted by journalist Xavier Grimault. There will be an update on the KRYS OCEAN RACE in the company of a chosen guest. Already the evening of Sunday, July 15 is scheduled for a review of the KRYS OCEAN RACE with the skippers.


The agenda of the Brest KRYS OCEAN RACE

Friday, July 13th
• 10:00 Opening Tonneres de Brestand  of the KRYS OCEAN RACE
•  Estimated finish of MOD70

Saturday, July 14 th
• 20:00 Prizegiving of the KRYS OCEAN RACE
• 22:00 - 22:15 Presentation of the crews to the public at the KRYS OCEAN RACE Ocean Race Brest (Tonnerres de Brest Stage)

Sunday, July 15th
• 17:15 Briefing for skippers for the Brest City Race
• 18:00 to 19:00 RMC 5 Live Show with skippers
• 19:00Book signing with 5 skippers
• 22:00 p.m. Participation in the Tonneres de Brest

Monday, July 16th
• 10:00 Departure from the first round of Brest City Race

They said:

Joel Plat, brand director of KRYS: “After so many emotions that will no doubt emerge from the start and the race itself, the live finish of the KRYS OCEAN RACE in the middle of this Brest Maritime festival will be a truly magical time, a celebration that KRYS opticians are proud to be associated with. Our 47 Breton stores are set to actively participate in the exhibition space that is dedicated to KRYS in the race village, including eye tests and advice in sun protection. All of our KRYS personnel teams will be mobilised to celebrate the arrival of the KRYS OCEAN RACE.”

Jean-Claude Lardic, Brest’s Vice President of Nautical Events and City of Brest assistant in charge of animations:  “It is with great pride that Brest is associated with the MOD70 Circuit in welcoming these ocean adventurers who will compete in the KRYS OCEAN RACE, the first edition going from New York to Brest. This comes to be held as part of the 20th anniversary of the Tonnerres de Brest and it really promises to be big, popular and festive. In Brest we love great exploits of the sea and I am sure that thousands will turn out to welcome these heroes of the sea when they finish and see them when they are moored at the Castle Marina. As well as our involvement in this inaugural KRYS OCEAN RACE we look forwards in 2014 to the start in Brest of the second edition. Meanwhile join us in Brest in July for the Tonnerres de Brest and the finish of this KRYS OCEAN RACE.”

Franck David, Excutive Director of Multi One Design: “For this first edition of the KRYS OCEAN RACE finishing in Brest, a city of the sea par excellence, and more importantly into the heart of the Tonnerres de Brest could not be a happier start for a new race and our new Circuit. The KRYS OCEAN RACE village will be open from July 13th to 19th by the Castle Marina where the MOD70s will be moored. Throughout this week of festivities we look forwards to welcoming many visitors, through the animations, exhibitions and most of all the Brest City Races on July 16th. The MOD 70 one design trimarans will be seen in Brest harbour as close to the public and right among the navies of the world. It will be good sport and a great spectacle.”


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