MOD 70' nr 1 launch: 4 months to go! The first MOD 70' is being assembled in Lorient.

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The MOD 70' nr.1 crossbeams have been completed at Decision shipyard in Switzerland. The crossbeams have been loaded on a truck heading to CDK Technologies shipyard (Brittany) where the first of the 12 multihulls will be assembled for a launch planned in March 2011.

The first MOD 70' has entered the last stage of its construction. The hulls are almost finished at Multiplast, shipyard in Vannes, and the assembly will start in a few days at CDK Technologies, in Lorient, where the main hull has been built. The construction of the mast was assigned to Lorima, also located in Lorient.

The beams of these new sea birds have been built in the shipyard Decision, based in Ecublens. “The beams are always the parts that take the longest to build, because they are some of the most critical boat elements to build in term of engineering. To lay the carbon is particularly tricky.” explains Stève Ravussin, Technical Director of the project and future skipper of the MOD nr.1. “The particularity of this project (championship planned over a 10 years period - 2010-2020) is that we carry out a large number of construction controls, much more than what is usually done. We are rather on the level of what is done in aviation. Experts and controllers check all of the composites parts."

Bertrand Cardis, Director of Decision shipyard, states: “The objective was to deliver the most reliable pieces possible. We never had as many controls, and this, on all the levels of the construction: the manufacturing, the sticking and the assembly. ” He adds: “This first set of beams was made with the view toward producing a series of 12. Thus, all has been done to optimize the manufacturing processes, to make them effective and reliable, in order to reproduce the same parts with the same quality for the entire series of the MOD 70'."

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