Multi One Design Appoint OC ThirdPole as Co-Organiser of the European Tour 2012 and 2013

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Multi One Design S.A., the exclusive promoter and organiser of the new MOD 70 class, has appointed leading global sports marketing and events company OC ThirdPole as co-organiser of the European Tour 2012 and 2013, events that form part of the MOD 70 circuit.

The Multi One Championship programme, composed of offshore and inshore crewed races solely, includes three main concepts – the Ocean Race (a transatlantic race), the European Tour and the Ocean World Tour. The first season will kick off in July 2012 with an Ocean Race to be announced shortly, and will be followed by the first European Tour for this class – this event will be organised in collaboration with OC ThirdPole.

Multihull racing continues to move towards centre stage in the professional sailing world, and in the offshore arena Multi One Design is the leading development, with 5 new boats under construction. Up to 10 boats are expected to be competing by 2013 and already four leading racing teams have committed to the circuit – Foncia (Michel Desjoyeaux), Veolia Environnement (Roland Jourdain), Edmond de Rothschild Group (Gitana Team) and Multi One Attitude (Steve Ravussin).

To get the best skippers and best sailing teams on the planet and to offer the best race organisation is Multi One Design‟s primary ambition. Mark Turner and Rémi Duchemin‟s OC Thirdpole is recognised and renowned as one of the most effective companies in the sailing world, especially when it comes to organising events. The international dimension that they will bring to the project is a major asset and we are therefore delighted to be working together on the European Tour for 2012 and 2013. It will most certainly be the beginning of a long joint venture,” commented Marco Simeoni, President of Multi One Design SA. “The MOD 70 circuit aims to develop a state of the art communications‟ platform, particularly in terms of onboard technology. The concept of multihull combined with the „one-design‟ is a real asset to develop this type of onboard technology. We are exactly on the same wavelength with! ! OC ThirdPole on that objective and we now jointly aim to position the MOD 70 circuit as a major international sporting event,” concluded Franck David, Executive Director of Multi One Design SA.

OC ThirdPole’s Sailing Events Director, Gilles Chiorri: “We are excited about this collaboration with the Multi One Design organization. Our company‟s wealth of experience across many different platforms will combine perfectly with the Multi One Design ambitions. We understand the pressures of delivering to many stakeholders from host venues, to teams, to the public and to sponsors. Our hard fought experience comes from organizing and/or creating such events as the Extreme Sailing Series™, The Transat™, The Artemis Challenge and the Barcelona World Race, as well as managing professional race teams, and will stand us in good stead in ensuring the first Multi One Design European Tour is a great success for all.

The three year agreement will see OC ThirdPole work with the Multi One Design organisation across many areas including race management, host city liaison, infrastructure at each host venue including the public race village and entertainment, on-site media facilities, operations and logistics from shipping, staffing and general management, as well as supporting the general marketing of the class outside of France and Switzerland, respecting the eco dimension of the project.

CEO of OC ThirdPole, Rémi Duchemin, commented: “This is a great new project for our expanding company, as we are committed to offering our services to other organisations, in parallel with our own events. With a 50-strong international team in the UK, France and Switzerland, and our strategy to become a leading player in all outdoor sports, - primarily by respecting their core values whether on the oceans, mountains or in city centres - , we are gaining a global experience that will be a benefit to all our clients and projects.


OC ThirdPole
OC ThirdPole is a global sports marketing and events company specialising in professional sailing and outdoor events ranging from running, cycling and biathlon, to more extreme sports including adventure and trail running races. The company can be found in every outdoor arena: oceans, lakes, mountains, deserts and city centres. OC ThirdPole is a leading event management company and rights holder, it manages competitive teams and athletes and provides consultancy to brands, host venues and other event organisers, operating out of the UK, France and Switzerland.

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