The Multi One Design programme is launched!

Logo Multi One Design 02.10.09
An international programme combining an eco responsible initiative and a sailing competition, including ocean races, a World Tour, a European Tour and “city races », attracting the best skippers in the world. One-design 70’ multihulls – all equal on the ocean! – will carry the message of the eco responsible initiative called the “Multi One Attitude” defending a vital cause: the preservation of Water. A rich and exciting programme that starts today!

The « Multi One Attitude » defends a cause : the Water
The Multi One Design company, represented by Marco Simeoni, CEO, Franck David, Executive Director, and Stève Ravussin, Technical Director, has presented today at a press conference in Lausanne, the Multi One Attitude, an eco responsible inititative that orients its activities towards the defense of an essential resource: the Water. The Multi One Attitude programme is focused on two issues, the “8th continent” and the “Water Footprint”.

The « 8th continent »
The « 8th continent » is also called the “Great Garbage Patch of the Pacific". It is a pile of various detritus and plastics, estimated to weight 3.3 million tons per km2. The location of this patch is explained by the currents which make the floating waste converge to this area. This modification of the marine eco-system has a very negative effect on the sea life.

The « Water Footprint »
The « Water Footprint » is the total volume of fresh water used for a specific activity (installation, good, service). During the last 50 years, the global population has doubled and the water demand tripled. With the increase of the population and the economic development, drinking water becomes a rare commodity. To ensure our survival it has become vital to protect this precious resource.

The launch of the Multi One Design Championship
The sports leverage of this eco responsible initiative will be the international professional circuit of the MOD 70’. A programme combining three major crew sailing events :

- An annual European Tour as of 2012
- An Ocean World Tour starting in October 2013
- An annuel Ocean Race, at the end of the season

All those events will combine off-shore and city races. The first MOD 70’ will be delivered in October 2010; the following four in the first part of 2011. The participation objectives are : 5 teams in 2011, 8 teams in 2012 and 12 teams in 2013. A numerus clausus has been set at 12 MOD 70’.

The Multi One Design 70’
The Multi One Design 70’ has been designed by the famous VPLP architects. The main requirements were modernity and performance, but above all reliability, security and longevity. The ambition: to build a boat that will be the reference for the next 10 years (2010-2020). This boat, mainly oriented towards ocean racing, will propose on-board innovative communication systems for the production of live reports and information available for all kind of media.

Multi One Design eco responsible commitment
Multi One Design S.A. will dedicate more than 20 % of its budget to field actions:
- Development of the public awareness for water issues in the “Race Villages”
- Actions to increase public awareness with the MOD Ambassador boat
- Field actions in collaboration with the stop over cities
- Targeted media communications

Over the 2012-2014 period, 10 millions Euros will be dedicated to field actions and communications linked with water and eco responsibility related issues.

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