KRYS MATCH: the MOD70s raring to go!

Whilst Race for Water and Gitana 11 were training in the Baie de Quiberon, Veolia Environnement was tacking across the waters of Finistère! As for the MOD70 FONCIA, she was run up onto a beach in the Glénan Islands for her christening. Meantime, in La Trinité-sur-Mer, the final preparations for the KRYS MATCH, the kick-off of which will take place on Thursday 6 October, were in full swing!

KRYS MATCH, full-scale testing for the logistics too…

Though its up to the sailors to test out the courses and put in their first tacks together in race configuration, the KRYS MATCHES are also an opportunity to perform a full-scale test of the various logistical elements of the MOD70 circuit. This is especially true for the circuit’s tents, which will be on offer for the various boat owners to use.

As such it was early this afternoon that several walkers and the entire organisation team were able to witness the impressive inflating of a 100 square metre tent in the shape of a wing.

Olivier Rouvillois, the architect behind this module explains: “As regards the specifications for the tents which will accompany the MOD70 circuit, it’s quite simple and have come about due to the fact that the MOD70s go so fast that you can no longer transport the equipment via containers. As a result, to enable its transport by air, we’ve gone for the inflatable option, which is light and doesn’t take up much room. Today, the folded product fits into a cubic metre and weighs in at 180 kilograms. Naturally you have to add to that the swiftness of the assembly. We’re at the stage where the groundwork takes 2 to 3 hours with an inflation time of 12 minutes! The first test today in La Trinité-sur-Mer for the KRYS MATCH has been very satisfactory!”

The wing-shaped tent is made from TERRAZA polyester, which has the same recycling capability as PVC and polyester.


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