CDK Technologies, Décision and Multiplast: Official shipyards for the Multi One Design 70’

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Multi One Design S.A. has selected the shipyards that will be in charge of the construction of the 12 Multi One Design 70’: CDK Technologies in Port-La-Forêt (France), Décision in Ecublens (Switzerland) and Multiplast in Vannes (France). Combining French and Swiss know-how, the three world famous shipyards will give birth to the first MOD70’ in October 2010.Advanced Composites Group : fournisseur officiel des Multi One Design 70’

Multi One Design S.A., VPLP architects (Van Peteghem / Lauriot Prevost) and the 3 shipyards have set a high standard production programme, meeting the objectives of a one design concept: reliability, longevity, construction quality and performance. The first MOD 70' will be launched in October 2010, and 4 new additional units will be produced each year, which will allow the start of the first phase of the Multi One Championship, the European Tour, in June 2012.

Thus, CDK Technologies, in Port-La-Forêt, has been chosen as project manager for the construction of the MOD 70'. This shipyard will concentrate on the construction of the central hull and the boats assembling. CDK have been building numerous Formula 1 of the seas, particularly Banque Populaire V, actual 24-hour and Atlantic record holder. “We are very happy to participate in this new challenge and to bring our experience to the project”, says Hubert Desjoyeaux, General Manager.

The construction of the beams will be the responsibility of Décision shipyard, in Switzerland. “DECISION SA has been closely involved in the development of the Decision 35 class on Geneva Lake. This one design class has proved all the advantages of such a formula. We are looking forward to participate actively in the MOD success”, has declared Bertrand Cardis, Director.

The construction of the hulls will be assigned to the Multiplast shipyard in Vannes. “We have been seduced by the one design concept which is the only one that guarantees sports equity. The organization that has been put together regroups the best in Europe in terms of multihulls and experience in ocean race project management. Our team is proud to be part of it. [...] Lastly, the Multi One Attitude concept fits perfectly in the environmental approach Multiplast implemented at the end of the Nineties.” says Yann Penfornis, General Director.

Other shipyards will join this pool of official MOD 70’ shipyards for the construction of the appendices and rigging.

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