A final refit before the launch of the MOD70 Spindrift racing!

Yann Guichard devant le MODn°05 Spindrift racing. 20.12.11
Barely three months on from the announcement by Yann Guichard about the constitution of his Spindrift racing stable, his flagship, the MOD70 by the same name, left the Keroman Technologies shed and hit the water for an express delivery, before settling himself in the red and grey Ocean Développement shed.

The Christmas break is off!

Indeed, the programme for the next five weeks is a sustained one. Watched over attentively by Jean Marc Normant, the technical manager, the MOD Ltd teams will be busying themselves with installing the electrical circuit, the hydraulics as well as the electronics. Fitting the deck hardware and the various appendages will also be par for the course.

At the end of this work to complete the finishing touches, Spindrift racing will be able to regain her natural element, while her skipper, Yann Guichard, will relish the delights of taking her out on the water!

Meet up in January for the launch of the MOD70 No.05!

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