Race For Water Odyssey - a scientific expedition at sail to preserve oceans from plastic pollution


Initiated by the 'Race For Water' Foundation, the 'Race For Water Odyssey' aims to draw a global assesment of plastic pollution in oceans. In 300 days, over 40'000 nautical miles will be traveled, punctuated bu 11 scientific stopovers and 9 outrearch stopovers, involving a total of 13 countries. 

Event though they constitute a major environmental disaster, these immense pollution zones in oceans are in fact still relatively unknown. The goal of this scienific sailing expedition is to draw up a global assessment. 


Scientific as well as human, the Race for Water Odyssey' also aims to raise awareness about marine pollution - a vital exploit, considering that an estimated 80% of the trash polluting the oceans comes from human activities.

Follow the Odyssey on the foundation website : www.raceforwater.com


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